Welcome… Here you have the opportunity to change your life. Learning how best to treat your body is not easy. We hope this website can be a defining step in your journey toward health and self-discovery. We’ve packed it with resources to satisfy your cravings for fresh, delicious raw food every day. You may want to plunge in to the raw food movement immediately. Or, you may prefer to gradually incorporate some raw foods into the everyday dishes that your family loves.  Whether you’re interested in raw foods because of a desire to lose weight, a health crisis or you are simply inspired to embrace a healthier lifestyle, we’ll provide the steps to get you there.

Delicious! Our motto for eating is simple. The best meals are fresh from nature, simply prepared and locally sourced. We want to show you how easy it is to make healthy food that you will look forward to eating. Our raw food classes give you the confidence and skills to cook for a busy life, entertain at home and venture out on the road. Our raw community events help you stay inspired with a community of support.