10 Ways to Use Left-Over Almond Pulp

What do you do with leftover almond pulp? Here are some ideas by the folks at Raw Bay Area and our friends on Facebook:

– Use it in raw tabbouleh to replace the traditional grains like bulgar and quinoa.

– Dehydrate and use in raw cookies or biscotti.

– Dehydrate and grind to a flour.  The Cook & Butler gave this fabulous suggestion: Use for a “pastry-esque” pie base once it is dry and ground.  Add coconut oil and or cacao butter and raw cacao with a pinch of salt and cayenne for a little kick (or vanilla or almond extract). Then dehydrate overnight before setting in freezer.  For those special pies, combine with some coarser ground nuts depending on the texture required. ♥

Chef Patti Searle says to eat it like oatmeal, with fruit and almond milk

– Add other soaked nuts and create a nut cheese with your favorite seasonings

– make a batch of Cinnamon Bread from Elaina’s Pure Joy Kitchen

– make a recipe of Garlic Krackers from Absolutely Abeba’s Krazy Krackers

– use in many of the cakes found in the book Sweet Gratitude

– use in a pate.  Just blend together in a food processor with sunflower seeds, vegetable, olive oil and seasonings for a pate.

– freeze it until you are ready to use it in another recipe.  Do yourself a favor and label how much pulp is in the bag – so you know how much to defrost when you have a recipe you would like to make.

by Heather Haxo Phillips, Beebe Xiu and Krissa Schwartz