Monthly Archives: April 2011

10 Ways to Use Left-Over Almond Pulp

What do you do with leftover almond pulp? Here are some ideas by the folks at Raw Bay Area and our friends on Facebook: – Use it in raw tabbouleh to replace the traditional grains like bulgar and quinoa. – Dehydrate and use in raw cookies or biscotti. – Dehydrate and grind to a flour.  […]

Earth Day 2011

The Sustainable Feast: Raw Food Showcase April 23, 2011 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Want to celebrate Earth Day 2011 with thousands of other environment lovers? Join leading business and community members, artists and artisans, local politicians and environmental organizations in this inspirational day. The festival will be opened and closed with traditional ceremony to […]

The Dairy Debate

Eight Reasons to Avoid Dairy Products 1. Hormones – Naturally present hormones in cow’s milk are stronger than hormones in human bodies. Cows are also routinely given steroids and other hormones to plump them and increase milk production. These hormones can disrupt our natural hormonal balance. 2. Bovine diet – Commercial cow feed contains ingredients […]