5 Years as a Raw Foodist

Next month I will celebrate five full years as a raw foodist.

Check out these before and after pictures.

Christmas 2006                               Thanksgiving 2011

Yes, I look pretty different!  How did I do it?  I got rid of nearly all animal products and the fog in my brain started to lift.  As I let go of processed foods with their dyes, additives and chemicals I felt even better.  Instead of tasteless, processed foods I focus on lots of kale salad and a quart of green juice or smoothie nearly every day.  Instead of traditional dairy, yogurt and cheese, I eat almond milk, coconut yogurt and macadamia nut cheese.  Its delicious and as you can see it shows!

On the inside I feel completely different too.  Raw foods – fresh fruits and vegetables and healthful fats – changed my emotions and attitudes completely.  I am definitely a happier, healthier, more youthful and energetic person now.  I am sure that it is because of the food that I eat, but also because of the different people I now spend time with.