A Blender Overview by Victoria Boutenko

Below is an article from Victoria Boutenko. She does a great job explaining the differences in blenders and offers her opinion on which is best. It was Victoria who inspired me to go raw, and developed my love of green smoothies. I am so appreciative of her, and am happy to reprint her article here.

Also in this article you will find a link to purchase the Vitamix and receive free shipping. Enjoy!

Blenders Overview
by Victoria Boutenko

“Which blender is the best for green smoothies?” – is one of the most typical questions I receive. One may prepare green smoothies in any kind of blender. I constantly travel around the globe and in many countries high-speed blenders are not available for most people. In one of my newsletters I talked about the young man in Indonesia who prepared a green smoothie inside a coconut using a hand blender.

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However, the average inexpensive blender will blend only until the blades are sharp. In about a month of daily use, its blades will become so dull that they won’t even blend a ripe banana. If you are using a regular blender, always cut your ingredients into small pieces. Start with the greens and water, then add fruits. That will give your drink a smoother consistency and will enable your blender to last longer.

For those who can afford a better blender, I recommend that you go for it and consider it your true health insurance. In the United States and Canada, one may buy a Vitamix Blender for around $369- $550, depending on the model. The smoothies made in the Vitamix have the consistency of silk and provide better nutrition by breaking down the cell walls. The Blendtec is another comparable high-speed blender for approximately the same price, although I personally prefer the Vitamix.

Unfortunately, in other parts of the world, the cost of the Vitamix more than doubles because of parts, customs, and shipping. For our Joy for Life retreat in Sweden last year I purchased a Vitamix Blender for over a thousand Euros because we needed to prepare 40 gallons of best-quality green smoothie per day. I couldn’t bring my blender from the U.S. because of the difference in electrical voltage.

Australians are fortunate to have a locally manufactured blender called Power Mill. (http://www.powermillblender.com) I bought two of them and used them at our retreats in Australia and Thailand. The quality of the green smoothie was comparable to the one made in Vitamix, and it cost around $600 Australian dollars. The only downside was that if the blender was placed on a wet surface it would occasionally give off an electric shock. So Valya refused to blend with it and was chopping while Sergei and I did all the blending, wearing rubber gloves. But the smoothies were superb.

In Germany and Sweden, I tried blenders that were more powerful than the average blender, but not as strong as the Vitamix.

During the last few years I have been travelling a lot, and of course I cannot bring the Vitamix with me everywhere because of its weight and voltage. After trial and error, I began travelling with a small, one-cup blender called Tribest. It has a regular small motor but the container is small enough that it does the job. The blades eventually become dull and I have to replace it after three months of daily use. This year I will be buying my third Tribest for my trip to Russia. I also have my own Tribest with 110 volts for travel by air in the United State, Canada and Mexico. I just placed a red label marking the voltage on each so I don’t burn them accidentally. If you are interested you may read more about this blender here.

People wonder why I prefer the Vitamix to other blenders. Sometimes they ask if I have a special deal or a contract with the Vitamix corporation. I, Victoria Boutenko, hereby declare that I have no special agreements with Vitamix and I am not even a Vitamix dealer. I do not sell Vitamix blenders.

I respect the Vitamix corporation, not only for manufacturing a high-quality product, but also for their interest in people’s health. Last year when Valya and I were planning our trip to Africa, I wrote a letter to Vitamix, asking them to donate six Vitamix blenders to the orphanages in Kenya, and the Vitamix people thanked me for the opportunity to participate. The Kenyans were delighted to receive the blenders. Valya made a 3- minute video of that project, and you may view it here:

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Which model of Vitamix is best? I always recommend getting a reconditioned unit if it is available. I have bought reconditioned blenders for some of my family members and they work just as well as if they were brand new. I bought my first Vitamix blender in 1994 in Denver, Colorado. I used it heavily both for my family and classes for 12 years, then in 2006 I reconditioned it and presented it to my niece and she is now making green smoothies with it for her little baby.

Green Smoothies for Children

I told you in the previous newsletter that I have a new book in print right now, called Green Smoothie Magic. I am excited about this book and couldn’t wait for it to be printed commercially. I printed five copies with my desktop computer and passed them out to the neighbor kids. One of the mothers responded to me, “Victoria, this book is like Green for Life for children! My kids are so inspired they are finally drinking green smoothies and asking for more.” I was very happy to hear that. Here is the information about this book.

Green Smoothie Magic is a captivating story of an adventurous boy who learns how to be healthy in an enjoyable way. It is my first hardcover book, page size 8 by 8 inches, 56 pages. This book contains only one recipe, but it is very delicious.

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