About Us

Raw Bay Area is your source for raw food education in the Bay Area. We specialize in raw food classes and events.  Our emphasis is on empowering students to create delicious and super healthy foods at home. We offer tried and true recipes that make raw food easy to incorporate in your diet.  Our focus is on fresh, local ingredients and simple recipes that will change your health and increase your energy level.

Taught by professional Chef Heather Haxo Phillips, Raw Bay Area’s classes are designed to help you build your culinary skills and confidence.  Our classes are sponsored by Whole Foods Market and Cafe Gratitude. You will learn to create dishes that excite the palate and inspire your soul. These classes are equally appreciated by beginners and seasoned foodies, because every recipe is healthy, simple and amazingly tasty. Raw vegan food enthusiasts, individuals with food allergies, those with a desire to get healthy and lose weight or those following special diet plans will appreciate the vibrant dishes demonstrated and sampled in every class. From Asian Fusion to Nut Milks and Cheeses to Mexican Fiesta to Diving Desserts, there is a class for everyone.

We teach classes at premier venues throughout the Bay Area, including Whole Foods, Café Gratitude and Heather’s home kitchen. Whether you’re looking for food that will help heal your body or simply enjoy trying new cuisines, we’d love to have you join us for one of our classes and start on your raw food journey.

Raw Bay Area is considered a leader within the Raw Food movement.  With our partners such as Whole Foods Market and Cafe Gratitude, we are doing our part to increase the size and scope of the raw food community in the Bay Area and across the world.  Our special events draw some of the largest crowds of any local raw food events, and they complement our other company offerings. Every event is designed to inspire and inform attendees, as well as help build a community of raw food enthusiasts.  In 2010 we hosted Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes. We co-hosted events with the Oakland Raw Food Meet-Up and produced a Healthy Holiday Survival day long crash course that drew 150 people.

Heather Haxo Phillips is the founder and principal of Raw Bay Area. She is a certified raw food chef/instructor and graduate of the prestigious Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. A Bay Area native, Heather grows much of her food in her own backyard organic garden behind her home in Oakland, CA. Heather takes a holistic approach to food and well-being. Spend time with her and you will find tools and inspiration to infuse more health and fulfillment into your life. Students say Heather’s classes are inspiring, informative, well presented — and fun!

Heather’s commitment to healthy living also extends to her practice of Iyengar yoga. Heather is a certified Iyengar yoga instructor with additional training in yoga for back pain, scoliosis, injuries, PMS and more. You can find more about that here: http://www.haxoyoga.com/.