Our Team

Our Team

Heather Haxo Phillips – Principal and Founder

Heather Haxo Philips

Heather is an accomplished and passionate raw vegan food chef and Bay Area native. She is the primary raw food instructor for the Bay Area’s leading raw restaurant Café Gratitude, as well as several Whole Foods markets in the area. Through Raw Bay Area Heather offers raw food coaching, classes and special events to inspire and educate people about the power of raw food. Heather is a certified raw food chef/instructor and graduate of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. Her holistic approach to food and well-being makes Heather a very popular speaker for participants at all skill levels. Students say Heather’s classes are informative, extremely well-presented, easy to follow and fun! You can check out what Cafe Gratitude says about Heather’s classes here. Heather is also a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor, teaching in the East Bay. Before launching Raw Bay Area three years ago, Heather spent 10+ years in the non-profit sector as an executive director, fundraiser and event planner. She is a graduate of Harvard College.

Bashir Anastas – Co-founder

BashirBashir handles everything from managing financial decisions, handling tech issues, and, as the company sherpa, providing the physical brawn for daily operations. You will find him working with his own company, Holy Land Olive Oil, which sells fair trade products from Palestine. As the life of the party, Bashir’s unwavering charm makes him adored by all! It could also be the homemade chai tea he’s always brewing—trust us, it’s that good.

Kristi Jackson – Intern

  Kristi sprouted and grew in Cleveland, Ohio but moved to take root in the Bay Area. She earned her Bachelors in English and spends her time reading foodie lit, cookbooks, and “un-cookbooks.” As a part-time vegan baker and barista she tries to tame her overwhelming sweet tooth with tasty raw treats. She joined the Raw Bay Area team to supplement and expand her raw knowledge and learn new skills. She hopes to learn foodie and marketing writing  while teaching and engaging others in healthy decisions.

Community Partners

Whole Foods Market, Cafe Gratitude, the East Bay Raw Food Meetup and many other Meetup organizations.