I enjoyed the professional, effortless education of a new way of fixing and eating good with a no-pressure approach. I felt I was in a restaurant tasting each delectable new dish. I would never have guesses what some of the ingredients were, or believe it if I had not watched the preparation.

— Carol K.

Heather was so clear and made the raw food diet look so easy and fun. I highly recommend this class! The sample dishes were superior. You have got to try this class if you care about being healthy.

— Melissa K.

Heather provided straight-forward, easy to follow recipes that were delicious. I look forward to taking additional classes.

— Jim K.

The classes are well structured. The live explanations, comprehensive handouts and food sampling are all part of a great systematic instruction that will ease my transition from a cooked food to a raw food diet, and something that will ultimately restore my health.

— Gerald R.

I enjoyed Heather’s enthusiasm, the “every day” ease of the demonstrations and recipes. I was so suprised how easy and fast the preparation was. I have no experience with raw foods and I feel like this class opened a whole world of possibilities for me.

— Ellen C.

The timing of the presentations was excellent. The choice of recipes was excellent!

— Lori H.

Eating raw is a life changing experience and the best thing one can do for one’s health.

— Carol K.

Heather’s class was very helpful for me to look at how I can plan for the holidays so I can avoid some of the pitfalls this year. I like the idea of staying simple throughout the season relative to my diet at home. That way I won’t feel overburdened if I eat more than I plan to.

— Carol Kimes

I enjoyed the info about how to stay raw in the winter. every winter I “fall off the wagon” and feel that this winter, because of this class, I will be able to stay at least 80% raw!

— Carol Kimes

Heather’s classes are always fun, informative and inspiring. I increase my raw food vocabulary and comfort level each time I attend. My twelve year old daughter loves theses classes too!

— Megan Penholt

This was the most informative class I’ve taken in years. So much on how foods work and what to do with them besides cook the life out of them!

— Barbara Hayes

I have serious health concerns. I recently began a vegetarian lifestyle. I’m now trying to do vegan adjustments, but after listening to the free talk by Heather at Café Gratitude, I’m thinking to trend toward raw food.

— D. Sonsteng

Heather’s classes are a banquet of good humor, intelligent health information and many sensational recipes. She makes raw food accessible, simple and fun.

— Elwyn Crawford

Heather walks the talk. She has improved her life with the raw food lifestyle, and her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge with others is infectious.

— RJ Johns

Heather leads a clear, concise class that runs the raw food gamut. She is a wealth of knowledge and I left her class feeling confident to try new things I had found daunting before. Heather rocks the party that rocks the body.

— Lisa Paris

The class went beyond my expectations. Heather’s warmth and clarity took the complications out of raw food preparation for me. I relaxed and began to feel confident that I can do this.

— Peggy Eggen

Heather’s classes are packed with wonderful raw recipes which she skillfully demonstrates while interspersing a wealth of information regarding nutrition and healthy eating habits (that taste great!)

— Elwyn Crawford

Heather has a wonderful way of directing content with personal flair. She gives insightful information on the health and science of the foods she works with in an easy manner that creates the feeling the foods can be in corporate into one’s life with little hassle.

— Elwyn Crawford

Heather’s instruction is clear and concise and the recipes are quite doable. What seemed so hard from reading in books now seems easy!

Heather is a truly inspirational teacher and is an excellent example of the raw lifestyle herself. Her teaching style is clear, practical and compassionate.

— Patricia Vanderberg

Heather created a simple, clear, detailed and lovely presentation of raw food delights. Changing holidays into healthy, happy experiences.

— Jane Shelby

I love how the food is so simple and accessible and really does satisfy my childhood cravings. I also love how you acknowledge and emphasize that we have to make it easy or else we won’t do it.

— Lucy Shelby