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Top 5 Favorite Raw Blogs

Are you inspired about what you eat? Routine can easily take over in the kitchen. We find ourselves eating the same things over and over. Sometimes, even chefs need some inspiration. When we need inspiration, we check out blogs. Why? –Fresh ingredients; pair the new with the familiar for a fresh take or learn to […]

Christmas in the North Pole

Christmas is the best time for cookies. It’s when all the good recipes come out of hiding for the year and your sweet tooth gets reactivated (er, maybe just satisfied, mine is always active). Here are a list of classic Christmas cookies done raw as well as some new ones to try.

Give the Gift of Live Training

My friend, Jenny Cornbleet, bestselling author of Raw Food Made Easy, recently launched an interactive online training called Ready for Raw. With both live foods and live training she has made it a comprehensive journey through the world of raw food you can learn in the comfort of your own home. I found each of […]

Avoiding Holiday Sabotage

Avoiding Holiday Sabotage What I love most about the holidays is also what I hate the most: the intensity of the season. I love the anticipation of getting ready for a party and the excitement of being at the par ty. I love the richness of the decorations, the food and the experiences. At the […]

Bewitching Brews – Green Smoothies from Kitchen Witches

We were lucky enough to catch the Weird Sisters for an interview despite their busy spell-casting schedule. Since MacBeth, they have changed their ways and try to only cast beneficial spells. Their favorites? Green smoothies. Green Smoothies? “Yeah! They’re disguised as health-freak-food, but really they’re filled with magic!” They explained that leafy greens, like kale […]

A New Way to Go Raw

A New Way to Go Raw We have opened up an apartment in our Victorian home as an urban retreat. This is a place in the city, to get away from the city. A place to enjoy the best of both worlds and to learn. Your retreat center is beautiful 1-bedroom, 1-bath apartment with its […]

Now accepting applications for our marketing & writing intern

Interested in healthy eating, raw vegan food and learning how to run a small business? We are looking for a dynamic writing and marketing intern who wants to learn the ins and outs of running a small business. This is a great educational opportunity for someone with writing and communication skills who wants their creative […]

Gadgets Galore

Now that you know where to go, who to meet and which books to read, I would like you to know what items you must have in your kitchen. I am not a huge gadget lover, but there are a few key pieces of equipment that I use in my kitchen every day. You don’t […]

Summer Reading

With our last newsletter, you found places to eat, support groups and events to attend. Now, I am sharing with you some of my favorite books. Honestly, there are a lot of cookbooks out there that just aren’t that good. Before you waste your money on beautiful books with recipes that taste like muck, try […]

Raw Resource Guide to the Bay Area

Finding places to eat, people to meet and events to attend are all key in taking full advantage of what the Bay Area has to offer. Below are some of my tried and true resources. Please feel free to suggest some of your own! Maybe you know of a hidden gem we should explore? People […]