Top 5 Favorite Raw Blogs

Are you inspired about what you eat?

Routine can easily take over in the kitchen. We find ourselves eating the same things over and over. Sometimes, even chefs need some inspiration. When we need inspiration, we check out blogs. Why?

Fresh ingredients; pair the new with the familiar for a fresh take or learn to prepare a new ingredient.
Fresh combinations; discover ways to create new dishes with favorite ingredients.
Fresh fixes; unearth fast new recipes or follow “how-to’s” for a totally new recipe.

Our favorite blogs are ones that have quality ingredients, inspiring ideas, and helpful information. Of course, the dishes are, above all, healthy. These are our top raw picks:

My New Roots – Nutritious, whole food recipes that are always the healthiest they can be. Created by a Holistic Nutritionist, the blog enlightens with health information and then teaches new tips and tricks for preparation.

Golubka – Inspirational photography, spectacular combinations, and unforgettable creations. This Russian gone (mostly) raw has a gorgeous blog. Seasonality maintains a priority in her recipes and she honors traditions in a modern, healthful way. Innovative and refreshing, you are likely to get some new great ideas for the grown up table, the party table, and the kids table.

Rawsome Vegan Life -Young and vibrant, this blog starts with a beautiful philosophy: “What do you want to be made of?” She creates healthier classics and coordinates ingredients deliciously. Her blog is addictive as much for her personality as for the decadent recipes.

Earth Sprout – Greenylicious! Green is the color scheme for her juices, smoothies, soups, and salads. Her recipes and blog will jump-start your growth to be the best, healthiest version of you. She mixes common ingredients with unfamiliar for some well-rounded mealtime delectables.

Oh She Glows – Recipes galore! Green smoothies? Check. Granola? Check. Cookie dough? Check. Raw goodness galore. Superfoods, super easy, super tasty. With a recipe index that puts Betty Crocker to shame, there are tons of options to explore and expand your own repertoire.

Hope these blogs help inspire and refresh your diet!
What are some of your favorite raw blogs? Let us know!

**Each photo is from the corresponding blog and links to the recipe!

Christmas in the North Pole

Christmas is the best time for cookies. It’s when all the good recipes come out of hiding for the year and your sweet tooth gets reactivated (er, maybe just satisfied, mine is always active). Here are a list of classic Christmas cookies done raw as well as some new ones to try.


Gingersnaps, easily converted to gingerbread men

raw gingerbread

Raw Snowballs

Raw Sugar Cookies


Santa’s New Favorites

Raw Melomakarona Cookies

Greek Christmas cookies

Almond Cranberry Cookies

and  finally

Raw Peppermint Patties


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and loads of cheer! Happy un-baking!

Give the Gift of Live Training

My friend, Jenny Cornbleet, bestselling author of Raw Food Made Easy, recently launched an interactive online training called Ready for Raw. With both live foods and live training she has made it a comprehensive journey through the world of raw food you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

I found each of its 15 sessions fun and motivating—filled with great tips and loaded with tasty recipes that you can prepare alongside Jenny as she demonstrates them in plentiful videos. Jenny has a way of making it easy to see how you can stay raw in the face of all of life’s challenges and how being raw can actually make your life much simpler. If you’re looking to be inspired, connect with an expert raw food guide (Jenny makes herself available to answer questions through discussion boards and live Q&A’s), and meet some fellow raw-foodies, I strongly recommend this course. I don’t know of any other training quite like it—on the web or in person!
Normally, the training costs $175, but as my student you can get $25 off enrollment by entering the special code: rawbayarea.

To learn more about Jennifer Cornbleet’s new online course Ready for Raw or to enroll, please visit

Avoiding Holiday Sabotage

Avoiding Holiday Sabotage

What I love most about the holidays is also what I hate the most: the intensity of the season. I love the anticipation of getting ready for a party and the excitement of being at the par ty. I love the richness of the decorations, the food and the experiences. At the same time, I come home from celebrations exhausted and totally spent. I would get up to cold, dreary weather which was awful and would leave me a bit grumpy for a good part of the next day. These highs and lows were not good for my body or my psyche.

Once I adopted a high raw diet, I found I was able to stay more on an even keel this time of year. I still enjoy the season, but I don’t experience the sugar highs and the energy lows. Yet, with so many rich cooked holiday foods around, actually STAYING on a high raw diet requires perseverance and planning.

Here are six simple steps you can take to avoid holiday sabotage. Small changes in mind-set and action can help protect and nurture your health all winter long.

1. Decide what your goals are for this holiday season.

What is most important to you right now? Do you want to maintain your weight or bring more raw food into your diet? The first step toward feeling successful is to clearly define your personal goals.

Take a moment to ask yourself what you want out of this holiday season. What are your hopes for yourself mentally and physically? Maybe you are trying to recover from severe illness, and what you eat is priority number one. Maybe you’re willing to make compromises to enjoy some traditional holiday foods or please family and friends. Whatever the case is for you, clarify your priorities and what you really want out of your holiday season.

2. Stock your fridge and pantry.

It ’s the first place you look for food, so make sure you have some delicious and healthy choices! Be sure you have items on hand that nourish and satisfy you. Twice a week, I do food prep to make sure my favorite items are always in my fridge. This can include basic raw soups, sauces, dips, fresh salad ingredients and smoothie ingredients. Keep some healthy desserts in the fridge so you don’t succumb to cravings for traditional processed holiday sweets.

3. Plan ahead for parties and holiday gatherings!

I can’t emphasize this one enough. Eat before you go. Sometimes this is just a necessity. A small, healthy meal at home will make you feel energetic enough to have strong will power at holiday parties and full enough to avoid tempting, high-calorie dishes. Visualize what you want to eat before the party. Anticipate what foods might be at the party. Decide ahead of time what will go into your body. It’s OK to enjoy your favorite cooked foods at a party, but make it part of your plan. Bring your favorite crowd-pleasing raw dish to share with others. This way, you are guaranteed there will be at least one nourishing dish you will really enjoy. Don’t be shy about sharing your favorite dish: If you love it, everyone else probably will too!

4. Simplify what you eat at home.

During the holidays, you might eat fancy, rich foods when you’re out and about To counter this, keep it light and simple at home. Drink plenty of green smoothies and juices. Eat tons of raw fruits and veggies – in your salads, soups and by themselves. Avoid eating too many nuts at any one meal, and be sure to drink plenty of water. Of ten, when you are tired or cranky, you might also be dehydrated. A big glass of water can perk you up – just like a wilted plant!

5. Keep exercising.

Stick to your normal exercise routine, if you have one. If not, start one. Personally, I step it up a bit to make up for any extra calorie consumption. Avoid the temptation to lie around when it’s cold. Instead, go out and get your blood moving!

6. Focus on green foods!

They are the most detoxifying and immune-boosting foods. This can include sprouts, chard, spinach, kale and more. You can wrap greens up into nori rolls or incorporate them in salads, soups or smoothies. You can also supplement your juices with E3Live and your salads with Spirulina Crunchies. Lastly, be sure to have green powders on hand to put in water or juice when fresh greens are not available.

That ’s it! These simple steps are what you need to take to avoid holiday sabotage. Of course, there are still loads of recipes and advice we can offer, but if you stick to these easy steps, you’re sure to end the holiday season fit and refreshed.

Bewitching Brews – Green Smoothies from Kitchen Witches

We were lucky enough to catch the Weird Sisters for an interview despite their busy spell-casting schedule. Since MacBeth, they have changed their ways and try to only cast beneficial spells. Their favorites?

Green smoothies.

Green Smoothies? “Yeah! They’re disguised as health-freak-food, but really they’re filled with magic!”

They explained that leafy greens, like kale and spinach, zap free radicals while loading you up with antioxidants and phytonutrients. These ward off diseases and provide you with clean energy. Greens are also alkalizing and immune building so you can spend more time around the cauldron. Not only do they ward off disease and electrify you, green provide tons of vitamin C. Oh, and they bust stress like ghost busters bust ghosts.

The weird sisters claim that witches don’t really live forever…. they just drink their green smoothies and juices which cast a spell of health and longevity. Here are some of their favorites, no toads or eyes required:

The Pheobe
1 Pear
1 Banana
a pinky of fresh ginger
3 big handfuls of spinach

The Luna
1 Banana
2 big handfuls spinach
1 cup raw nut or coconut milk
4 figs, without stems
dash of honey or agave (optional)

The Selene
2-3 handfuls kale
1-2 stalks celery
juice of one lemon
half a hot pepper
small handful parsley
half a zucchini or cucumber
pinch of paprika (optional)

mmmmmmm…. witches brew!

A New Way to Go Raw

A New Way to Go Raw

We have opened up an apartment in our Victorian home as an urban retreat. This is a place in the city, to get away from the city. A place to enjoy the best of both worlds and to learn. Your retreat center is beautiful 1-bedroom, 1-bath apartment with its own entrance and a large edible garden.  It has been remodeled with eco-friendly sensibilities and offers a complete kitchen that is perfect for raw foodists.

My husband and I invite individuals, couples, or families interested in detoxing, raw foods, or yoga stay and learn with me while experiencing the wonders of the Bay Area.  This apartment is perfect for out-of-town guests who want to visit the Bay Area.  It is also great if you want to do a personalized raw food cleanse or detox.

We are renting the apartment through Air B&B, with daily, weekly and monthly rates.  Personalized raw food classes, yoga or a supervised cleanse are additional options while you stay.  If you are interested, we would love to hear from you!

You can email or see the rental information here.


Now accepting applications for our marketing & writing intern

Interested in healthy eating, raw vegan food and learning how to run a small business?

We are looking for a dynamic writing and marketing intern who wants to learn the ins and outs of running a small business.

This is a great educational opportunity for someone with writing and communication skills who wants their creative voice heard. In addition to expanding your writing skills, you will get training in marketing (both online and off), public relations, special events and how to run a successful business. You will get training in how we manage classes, social media, retail, e-books, and other activities. Your projects will include learning about: writing marketing materials, developing articles on raw food, promoting classes, program administration, research, assisting with events and more. Your contribution is incredibly valuable – we love new ideas and perspectives!

As part of this project you will learn from professionals in the field of marketing and raw food. You will learn about healthy eating, and ways to bring more raw food into your life.

We looking for someone who is passionate about communications, detail oriented and efficient. You MUST have previous leadership skills and excellent writing skills. The right candidate is creative and proactive.

Does your school offer credit for internship opportunities? We would love to participate in the program.

The internship is 7 – 15 hours per week and a minimum commitment of 3 – 6 months. You must be available to meet once a week at our office in Oakland (usually Wed or Thur afternoon).

Qualifications include:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Confident and concise writing skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Great research skills
  • Proficiency with MS Word & Excel
  • Qualified candidates: Please email your resume and cover letter to Include in your cover letter (1) why you are excited about this opportunity (2) what skills you can contribute to the internship (3) one project or idea that you know you would like to learn through this internship. You can glean ideas by checking us out at or on facebook/twitter with the handle: rawbayarea.

    Please include your cover letter in the email–attachments will not be opened.

    Thank you for your interest!

    Gadgets Galore

    Now that you know where to go, who to meet and which books to read, I would like you to know what items you must have in your kitchen. I am not a huge gadget lover, but there are a few key pieces of equipment that I use in my kitchen every day.

    You don’t need a million gadgets clogging up your cupboards. Actually, you should cull your kitchen cupboards and donate every item that you have not in used in one year. Your local Salvation Army or Freecycle member will appreciate it.

    Once you have done that, make sure you have these few essentials. Using them, you will find you are more efficient and having more fun.

    A Sharp Knife
    I say this in every class I teach: The best kind of knife is a sharp one. It does not need to be expensive but it has to be sharp. This makes food prep faster and more enjoyable. To maintain a sharp knife, I suggest using a small knife sharpener once or twice a week at home. Then, get your knives professionally sharpened at least once a year. My two favorite knives are the Victorinox and Mac.

    Especially when you first transition to a raw diet, it is important to eat comfort food. If this means pasta to you, Spiralizers can turn zucchini, carrots or beets into a mouth watering meal. If you do not to invest in a spiralizer, you can also use a vegetable peeler to make pasta. Simply, use the peeler against your zucchini in long strokes, rotating the zucchini or carrot as you go, stopping when you get to the seeds. This will make for a linguini-like pasta.

    Offset Spatulas
    If you plan on making crackers, wraps, granola or icing, an offset spatula is essential. Contorting your body and moving the trays around to spread things with a normal spatula is – literally – a pain. Offset spatulas will ensure you get even layers in less time. I suggest a small off-set spatula for small work (tortillas and burgers) as well as a large one (for bigger surfaces like cakes and crackers).

    Glass Straws
    Green smoothies should be a staple in your diet. I drink at least a quart every day. If you are drinking green smoothies, especially on the go, you know what a green stripe is. Some people get them across their upper lips. Some people get them across the bridge of their nose. But everyone gets them! To avoid this, I recommend a Dharma glass straw. They’re durable, portable and have a lifetime warranty. So if you ever break your straw, you can get it replaced for free.

    For complete lists all of my favorite books, kitchen tools and equipment, check my shopping resources page!

    Summer Reading

    With our last newsletter, you found places to eat, support groups and events to attend. Now, I am sharing with you some of my favorite books. Honestly, there are a lot of cookbooks out there that just aren’t that good. Before you waste your money on beautiful books with recipes that taste like muck, try my favorite books below.

    My guideline for recommending a book is that:
    The recipes are simple to make. A recipe should not intimidate the chef!
    The ingredients are inexpensive and easy to find.
    The recipes turn out great every time – even for the most beginner in the kitchen.

    Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People
    by Jennifer Cornbleet
    My all-time favorite cookbook for beginners just got better! Jenny just released an updated version with tons more recipes and tips. This is a excellent cookbook for beginners looking to master basic techniques.

    Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast
    by Ani Phyo
    This book is a great for doing a cleanse or trying out a 100% raw diet. If you want to experience 100% raw for a short time this is your guide.

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw
    by Mark Reinfield, Bo Rinaldi and Jennifer Murray
    This is another of my favorite books for raw food beginners. It is full of helpful tips, nutritional information and recipes!

    Becoming Raw
    by Brenda David, Vesanto Melina and Rynn Berry
    Your best guide to raw food nutrition. It explains everything in clear, concise copy without too many stats.

    The World Goes Raw Cookbook
    by Lisa Mann
    This is my favorite cookbook for international foods. It is full of comfort foods and international menus sure to excite you.

    12 Steps to Raw Foods
    by Victoria Boutenko
    If you want to know how to transition to a raw food diet successfully, this is the book for you. With advice and coping techniques, Victoria covers all the bases. This is the book that inspired me to go raw 5 years ago. It remains a powerfully important book.

    The Art of Fermentation
    by Sandor Ellix Katz
    Are you a fermentation fiend? This book is a necessity. Sandor just released this updated companion to Wild Fermentation. It is the most comprehensive book on fermentation available in English.

    For complete lists all of my favorite books, kitchen tools and equipment, check my shopping resources page!

    Raw Resource Guide to the Bay Area

    Finding places to eat, people to meet and events to attend are all key in taking full advantage of what the Bay Area has to offer. Below are some of my tried and true resources. Please feel free to suggest some of your own! Maybe you know of a hidden gem we should explore?

    People to Meet:
    Our raw food community here is huge! Check out these groups. They each have an active calendar of events.
    East Bay Raw Food Meetup Group
    Marin Raw Food & Vibrant Health Meetup Group
    The San Francisco Organic, Natural Health & Raw Food Meetup
    South Bay Raw Meetup
    Thrivin’ Edibles Chef Patti Searle teaches raw food classes and offers catering.

    Places to Check Out:
    My raw food favorites include:
    Cafe Gratitude The Cafe is still open! California locations include Berkeley and Santa Cruz – plus two locations in Los Angeles. I especially love the Berkeley Cafe. Located in the “gourmet ghetto” of Berkeley, this is a great neighborhood to check out. It’s close to BART and a wonderful Thursday farmer’s market.
    Rainbow Grocery Arguably the best co-op grocery store in the nation! Rainbow features local products and is a raw foodists paradise.
    Pena Pachamama A night club in hopping North Beach neighborhood offers live music and features traditional Bolivian as well as a raw food menu.
    Source A vegetarian restaurant with a raw selection.
    Judahlicious This vegan cafe close to Ocean Beach features a juice bar and raw menu.
    San Francisco Ferry Building on Saturdays. Every local and tourist needs to check out this place. You can spend all Saturday morning looking around. Don’t forget to check out the raw food booth, Alive! and the Pena Pachamama kiosk

    Summer Events:
    Hoes Down Festival Fully Belly Farm is hosting their 25th annual event Oct. 6 & 7 with music, hayrides, food and workshops for the whole family.
    Music in the Meadow Animal Place sanctuary will host their annual benefit event Sept. 22, featuring vegan food, music and family fun on the farm.
    San Francisco World Vegfest Food demos, featured films, speakers and workshops are sure to bring a large crowd Oct. 6 & 7.