Cafe Gratitude to close

You may have heard by now that Cafe Gratitude is closing its Northern California locations.  If this is news to you, you can find out more details about it here.   I am in a state of mourning.  It has been years since I experienced grief or heartbreak, and at the moment I am experiencing both.

Heather teaching at Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley

As I look back on my years as a raw foodist, I know that many of the positive changes in my personality came because of my association with Cafe Gratitude, as I have been their lead instructor for raw food classes for several years now.

At Cafe Gratitude I feel truly appreciated as a teacher, colleague and person in ways that I had never experienced.  They believed in me, and helped me to spread the word about how delicious and easy raw food preparation can be.  They helped me find my passion, and develop sustained happiness.  It has been an amazing experience, and made me feel more whole as a person.

I myself survived the Firestorm of 1991. I know what it is like to watch your neighborhood burn. As Cafe Gratitude starts to close its doors, it feels as if I am watching my favorite neighbor’s house burn. Soon there will be fertile ashes, and we can make use of this hummus to grow something vitality important for ourselves and those around us. For me personally, Cafe Gratitude lit a fire, a flame that cannot be extenuished even if the lighter fluid burns away.

Perhaps we will build an even stronger raw community because of Cafe Gratitude closes.  But, I am not yet able to think about that.  At the moment, I just need to mourn.

The yogis believe that everything exists – everything exists in one form or another. Cafe Gratitude is now morphing into its next incarnation. For me, it is too soon. Way, way too soon. I was just getting started. But it will continue to exist in my heart and in my memories, and for that I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.