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Myth Busters

1. Myth: Eating a raw food diet is too expensive. Truth: On a raw food diet, you won’t be eating the meal, dairy and packed foods that are the most expensive items in the supermarket. And, you will likely prepare your food more often, which is a lot cheaper than eating out. A raw food […]

Thanksgiving Tips

It’s the holiday season and nobody wants to be a Scrooge by turning down Aunt Linda’s pie. At the same time, however, I’ve made my diet choices for many reasons and I intend to stick to them. Since going vegan, I had to work at finding a balance between pleasing myself and others. While I […]

You Are What You Eat

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” When did we turn away from this message? We have become a society that searches for cures rather than preventing our chronic diseases. People don’t want to hear ‘everything in moderation,’ that exercise is essential for health, or that fast food is not the answer. People want […]

New Changes for the New Year

By Chef Heather Haxo Phillips and Nutritionist Krissa Schwartz When the New Year begins, many of us feel the need to create change in our lives.  The winter holidays are joyous and fun, but do often take us out of the place of listening to our own needs and our body’s intuitions. Especially when it […]