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Summer Reading

With our last newsletter, you found places to eat, support groups and events to attend. Now, I am sharing with you some of my favorite books. Honestly, there are a lot of cookbooks out there that just aren’t that good. Before you waste your money on beautiful books with recipes that taste like muck, try […]

Saving Summer Fruit

The fourth of July is, for many people, the official start of summer. You can tell summer has arrived with a walk around the farmer’s market: Apricots, peaches, cherries and other stone fruits. Strawberries. Raspberries. Melons. Take advantage of all these delectable choices! Load yourself down with all the fruits you can find. Buy them […]

Myth Busters

1. Myth: Eating a raw food diet is too expensive. Truth: On a raw food diet, you won’t be eating the meal, dairy and packed foods that are the most expensive items in the supermarket. And, you will likely prepare your food more often, which is a lot cheaper than eating out. A raw food […]

Managing Your Pantry

Knowing how to store your food is important. Not only do you want to prevent food from spoiling, but you also want to keep it at its peak nutritional value. Green bags are key here as they keep greens crisp, vitamin loss to a minimum and are reusable. Below are some tips for storing produce staples. […]

A Blender Overview by Victoria Boutenko

Below is an article from Victoria Boutenko. She does a great job explaining the differences in blenders and offers her opinion on which is best. It was Victoria who inspired me to go raw, and developed my love of green smoothies. I am so appreciative of her, and am happy to reprint her article here. […]

Thanksgiving Tips

It’s the holiday season and nobody wants to be a Scrooge by turning down Aunt Linda’s pie. At the same time, however, I’ve made my diet choices for many reasons and I intend to stick to them. Since going vegan, I had to work at finding a balance between pleasing myself and others. While I […]

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are healthy and delicious in addition to being a cheap staple. You normally think of wine, kimchi and sauerkraut when you think of fermented foods, but nut cheeses should be on your list as well. While fermented food is tasty, it is also great for your body. Here are 4 reasons to eat […]

You Are What You Eat

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” When did we turn away from this message? We have become a society that searches for cures rather than preventing our chronic diseases. People don’t want to hear ‘everything in moderation,’ that exercise is essential for health, or that fast food is not the answer. People want […]

This Is How I Stay Inspired About Raw Food

One of the main ways I stay inspired about raw food is by traveling.  I love to see what is happening in the raw food world beyond the Bay Area. This week, I made a trip to Los Angeles where I taught two Students learning to make kale salad sold-out classes at the new Cafe […]

Vegan Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

This brings us back to the power of raw food. A vegan fruit pie has a fraction of the nutrients and enzymes that a a raw fruit cobbler has. For example, a cooked vegan cobbler is basically margarine, flour and sugar with some fruit. These clogs your arteries and spikes your blood sugar. In the recipe below, the raw berry cobbler is completely packed with antioxidents, fiber and natural anti-inflammatories.

Being vegan and healthy comes from eating a plant-based diet that is rich in whole fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and whole grains. Choosing raw dishes will virtually guarantee that your food has not had the nutrition processed out of it.