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Summer Reading

With our last newsletter, you found places to eat, support groups and events to attend. Now, I am sharing with you some of my favorite books. Honestly, there are a lot of cookbooks out there that just aren’t that good. Before you waste your money on beautiful books with recipes that taste like muck, try […]

5 Ways To Make Use Of The Summer Harvest

Late summer is my favorite time of year for many reasons.  One reason is the glut of fresh fruits and vegetables in my garden and market. This a great opportunity to save money and put up local items for the winter time.  If you are tempted by all the fresh items, but don’t know exactly […]

How Sweet Is That?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us are thinking about the sweeter things in life.  Perhaps you are planning on trying a new recipe for your honey – or you have a sugar addiction you are trying to rein in with a detox diet.  Either way, it is likely that in the new few weeks […]

Irish Moss: the Hazards – and Benefits – Explained

Irish moss is a type of seaweed. It grows in cold water and is used in raw food recipes for nutrition and thickening properties.  Irish Moss has been used for centuries in Ireland, thought it also grows in Asia and the oceans of North America.  Raw foodists love Irish Moss for its use as a […]

New Changes for the New Year

By Chef Heather Haxo Phillips and Nutritionist Krissa Schwartz When the New Year begins, many of us feel the need to create change in our lives.  The winter holidays are joyous and fun, but do often take us out of the place of listening to our own needs and our body’s intuitions. Especially when it […]