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Raw Resource Guide to the Bay Area

Finding places to eat, people to meet and events to attend are all key in taking full advantage of what the Bay Area has to offer. Below are some of my tried and true resources. Please feel free to suggest some of your own! Maybe you know of a hidden gem we should explore? People […]

Answers to your Dehydrator Questions

The questions I receive frequently have to do with dehydrators. I hope this post will answer your questions. What is my favorite dehydrator? I recommend the Excalibur Dehydrator above all other dehydrators. The Excalibur is a high quality machine. It runs on little electricity, is easily washable/cleanable, and keeps the temperature constant. It will only […]

This Is How I Stay Inspired About Raw Food

One of the main ways I stay inspired about raw food is by traveling.  I love to see what is happening in the raw food world beyond the Bay Area. This week, I made a trip to Los Angeles where I taught two Students learning to make kale salad sold-out classes at the new Cafe […]