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Knowing Your Knives

World reknowned chef Jacques Pépin was recently interviewed on our local NPR station. A caller asked Pépin what his favorite knife was and he said “a sharp one.” When I heard Pepin say that, I nearly dropped my own knife. This is what I tell my students all the time! Your knife does not need […]

Painless Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here and it’s time to clean your kitchen. Chances are, you’ve got some expired goods that need tossing. Here is a list to help you decipher what to keep and what to compost: CONDIMENTS Ketchup – refrigerated: 8-12 months Mustard – refrigerated: 6-8 months Jam or jelly or preserves – refrigerated: 1 […]

A Blender Overview by Victoria Boutenko

Below is an article from Victoria Boutenko. She does a great job explaining the differences in blenders and offers her opinion on which is best. It was Victoria who inspired me to go raw, and developed my love of green smoothies. I am so appreciative of her, and am happy to reprint her article here. […]