Gadgets Galore

Now that you know where to go, who to meet and which books to read, I would like you to know what items you must have in your kitchen. I am not a huge gadget lover, but there are a few key pieces of equipment that I use in my kitchen every day.

You don’t need a million gadgets clogging up your cupboards. Actually, you should cull your kitchen cupboards and donate every item that you have not in used in one year. Your local Salvation Army or Freecycle member will appreciate it.

Once you have done that, make sure you have these few essentials. Using them, you will find you are more efficient and having more fun.

A Sharp Knife
I say this in every class I teach: The best kind of knife is a sharp one. It does not need to be expensive but it has to be sharp. This makes food prep faster and more enjoyable. To maintain a sharp knife, I suggest using a small knife sharpener once or twice a week at home. Then, get your knives professionally sharpened at least once a year. My two favorite knives are the Victorinox and Mac.

Especially when you first transition to a raw diet, it is important to eat comfort food. If this means pasta to you, Spiralizers can turn zucchini, carrots or beets into a mouth watering meal. If you do not to invest in a spiralizer, you can also use a vegetable peeler to make pasta. Simply, use the peeler against your zucchini in long strokes, rotating the zucchini or carrot as you go, stopping when you get to the seeds. This will make for a linguini-like pasta.

Offset Spatulas
If you plan on making crackers, wraps, granola or icing, an offset spatula is essential. Contorting your body and moving the trays around to spread things with a normal spatula is – literally – a pain. Offset spatulas will ensure you get even layers in less time. I suggest a small off-set spatula for small work (tortillas and burgers) as well as a large one (for bigger surfaces like cakes and crackers).

Glass Straws
Green smoothies should be a staple in your diet. I drink at least a quart every day. If you are drinking green smoothies, especially on the go, you know what a green stripe is. Some people get them across their upper lips. Some people get them across the bridge of their nose. But everyone gets them! To avoid this, I recommend a Dharma glass straw. They’re durable, portable and have a lifetime warranty. So if you ever break your straw, you can get it replaced for free.

For complete lists all of my favorite books, kitchen tools and equipment, check my shopping resources page!