Get Inspired About Raw Food

Raw food cuisine appears to be gaining its rightful place at the nation’s table.  In just the last month, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times have all featured aspects of the raw food world.

Here in the Bay Area, the beautiful magazine Edible East Bay just did a fantastic story on raw nut milks and cheeses. Check out the article -and my recipe for chevre by clicking here.

Why are people interested in raw food?  The raw diet is focused on whole foods – fruits, vegetables, healthful fats and Tacos al Pastorother ingredients in their natural state, making the diet naturally vegan with no animal products.  I think raw food cuisine is becoming immensely popular because it allows people to explore the flavors – and health benefits – of food in its most fresh state.  Raw food gives people an alternative to packaged foods filled with additives, dyes and non-food fillers.  Raw food cuisine tends to be low in calories and high in nutrients and fiber, helping people combat diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases.

And, best of all, raw food is just so much fun and creative! Poutine

I just got back from a week of developing recipes at Living Light, my culinary alma mater.  I was part of a group of 15 culinary artists making incredible dishes including tacos al pastor and even poutine!

Those 5 days playing around in the kitchen was so much fun!  It was a great reminder of how dynamic the field of raw food cuisine truly is.

Even as a long time raw foodist, I was surprised at how good I felt being at Living Light, away from friends and family wanting to share cooked food with me. For a week I was 100% raw and focused on low fat, low glycemic foods prepared in a gourmet way.  I noticed that with these simple tweaks, I felt:

  • significantly more energetic.  I got out of bed much easier every morning.
  • significantly more happy.  My mood was just happier overall, and I had a bigger smile on my face.
  • suprisingly unattracted to all stimulants.  I just had no interest in my regular cup of tea or chocolate.

I hope you are inspired to experiment with raw foods every day.  See how great they can make you feel!

Good luck,

Chef Heather Haxo Phillips