Painless Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially here and it’s time to clean your kitchen. Chances are, you’ve got
some expired goods that need tossing. Here is a list to help you decipher what to
keep and what to compost:

Ketchup – refrigerated: 8-12 months
Mustard – refrigerated: 6-8 months
Jam or jelly or preserves – refrigerated: 1 year
Soy sauce – 1 year
Maple syrup – 1 year

Leafy herbs – dried: 1 year, fresh: 3-4 days refrigerated
Spices – whole: 2-3 years, ground: 1-2 years
Nuts – room temperature in their shell: 4 months, freezer: 1 year, shelled and refrigerated: 1 month
Olive Oil – room temperature: 8-12 months
Tea – bags: 1.5 years, loose leaf: 2 years
Nut butter – room temperature: 3 months, refrigerated: 1 year
Fermented food – in salt brine: a few months, in its own juices: 1 year

For specific pointers on the how to keep your fruits and vegetables lasting extra long, click here.

Once you go through your kitchen, make sure to check the expiration dates of your hurricane/tornado/earthquake preparedness kits! The last thing you want is inedible foods during a natural disaster.

By the way, if you are wondering what is inside a raw foodist’s refrigerator, anyway, you can check out mine! The video on my pantry is here.