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Raw Food Coaching & Private Events

Personalized to your interests

Skill-building designed just for you.

Learn how to create delicious meals out of whole, unprocessed, organic, raw vegan ingredients from a professional chef. This food is bursting with flavor! Every class includes cooking techniques, a complete meal, extensive handouts and a shopping list. You can get started with raw food right away!

Whether you are looking to start a raw vegan diet or are an experienced raw vegan foodist needing guidance, Heather will tailor a personal consultation for your needs.

There is nothing in San Francisco, Oakland or Berkeley like this class. You will gain a new level of enthusiasm and confidence about healthy foods – and a healthier, more vibrant you.

Options to Fit Your Needs – and Budget

Want to learn basic recipes or specific techniques? Sign up for 2 hour in-person session. We will meet at my home in Oakland for this “basic training session”.  I will help you create the best environment for sustaining a raw lifestyle by creating a curriculum tailored to your interests.  Students often use this time to learn specific techniques such as fermentation or dehydration.  Or, we can cover meal plans, recipes, and shopping at the market. This makeover can also include an evaluation, meal recommendations, extensive recipe packets, resource guides, and jumpstart handouts tailored to your interests. And of course, we can make recipes together.  Register by emailing heather(at)
Tuition: $250/session

Ready to dive in? Sign up for a “transformation training”. You will learn everything you need to know to get started on raw foods – and make a life change.   We will begin with basic training.  The initial 4-hour hands on training will be at my house in Oakland.  You will learn to make your own healthy and delicious meals including knife skills and equipment use. We will start the transformation of your kitchen, discuss recipes, meal planning and other topics. Part of this class can also take place at the market so you can discover – and taste – new foods.  Together we will make enough food for several meals.  You will also receive recipe packets, resource guides, and in-depth jumpstart handouts. This package is the most comprehensive of all the offerings.  Find out the entire training curriculum by emailing heather(at)
Tuition: $500/ session

Do you have friends who want to learn more about raw food? You can sign up for a  2.5-hour “Basic Training” class personalized for you with a small group. This class for beginners offers an economical way to receive many of the benefits of the Transformation Training. Find out more by emailing heather(at) or calling (510)334-8424.
Tuition: $175 per person / 2 people minimum required

Want to learn a specific ethnic cuisine? Preparing for a dinner party? Heather offers many personalized classes designed to boost your knowledge and confidence. Each class includes a meal, comprehensive handouts and recipe packets. Find out more by emailing heather(at) or calling (510)334-8424.
Tuition: $175 per person / 2 people minimum required / Special rates for groups larger than 3.