Healthy Holidays: A Survival Guide
Travel In The Raw

Cultured: Learn to Make Healthy Fermented Foods at Home

Healthy Holidays:  A Survival Guide


Worried about what to bring to holiday parties? Feeling peer pressure to ditch your healthy eating habits? Arm yourself with Raw Bay Area’s Healthy Holiday Cook Book!

Parties tempt you with drinks and finger-food. Family members question your strange diet. Processed sweets line the supermarket aisles. Airports offer few healthy options.

Our Healthy Holiday Survival Guide is your key to avoiding problems and increasing your fun during the holiday season. Here are a few features you will find inside:

  • Over 50 recipes from drinks to sweets to savory entrees
  • Tips for talking about your diet
  • Travel pointers – snack essentials and what to pack for your trip
  • Your favorite raw food chefs, including Cherie Soria, Nomi Shannon, Elaina Love, Jennifer Cornbleet, Russell James and many more!


Travel in the Raw E-Book and Video


Heather Haxo Phillips shares her favorite tips and tricks for how to eat a raw diet while traveling in any situation!

This is a 28-page e-book filled with tips, fifteen recipes and beautiful photos. You will also have access to a one hour pre-recorded webinar with Heather and guest Jennifer Cornbleet. You can watch this from home any time you like, from wherever you like – as many times as you like!

Learn how to pack for day trips, planes and long journeys, which ingredients and equipment are essential, and how to safely eat raw in developing countries. Joining with fellow raw food teacher and luminary Jennifer Cornbleet, we discuss everything from personal recipes to philosophies on how to make travel full of delicious food and free of stress.

Specific topics covered in this class include:

* Delicious, easy to pack snack foods you can prepare and buy ahead of time
* The travel-friendly equipment and gadgets you might want to make eating raw easier on the go
* Less perishable staples you can bring in your carry-on
* Trouble shooting scenarios you might encounter while away and abroad
* Ideas for stores, restaurants and shops where you can get your raw food fix

$12.95 for the e-book and one hour webinar

When you “buy now” below you can purchase the e-book using pay-pal or a credit card. It will come to you as a downloadable PDF with links to the pre-recorded Travel in the Raw Class. You can watch the webinar as often as you like, from anywhere in the world. If you would like to pay by check, send $12.95 to Heather Haxo Phillips at 2930 Domingo Ave #122 Berkeley CA 94705. Please make sure to include your email address so we can send you the materials.


Cultured:  Learn to Make Healthy Fermented Foods at Home


In this book, edited by Kevin Gianni, you will receive 70+ cultured food recipes from the experts so that you can learn to make your own fermented foods at home – cheap. This is a library of cultured foods that range from sauerkraut, cultured vegetables, pickles, kefir, yogurts, gluten free breads, dessert, kombucha and more.

Heather is a featured author in this book, offering multiple recipes and articles.

This is a 150-page book filled with tips,  recipes and articles. It is available both as an e-book and as a printed version. You will also have access to a one hour pre-recorded audio with Kevin Gianni. When you click below you will receive information on the book plus an article 0n 7 reasons fermented food may be the healthiest, most affordable and easiest to make superfoods on the planet.