Staying Raw in Winter

Maintaining a high raw diet during the winter can be tough. To help you stay vibrant and healthy until the warmth of spring, I’ve compiled some tips to get you through the cold, grey days:
  • Enjoy a warming breakfast of Buckwheat Muesli or Cinnamon Oatmeal, with warm Almond Milk and bananas.
  • For breakfast or an afternoon snack, have raw almond butter, with apples or bananas. If you’re like a little kick, sprinkle a generous dose of cayenne on top.
  • Use hot water instead of cold water in your smoothies and blended soups.
  • Wash your refrigerated produce in warm water or put it in a warm water bath for a few minutes before using it.
  • Have a cup of warm miso soup or warm ginger tea before eating your cooler raw meal. This will also reduce your appetite without adding calories.
  • Pour nearly boiling water over your refrigerated broccoli or cauliflower and let it rest for a few minutes to warm it up before using it in salads, pates, or other dishes that will be consumed immediately.
  • Make a warm soup of finely julienned vegetables and hot water. Add mushroom powder, tamari, and grated fresh ginger to boost the flavor.
  • Use a dehydrator to warm dishes like raw stuffed mushrooms and marinated kale. Be sure to use a covered glass dish so the item doesn’t dry out. Other foods, such as marinated vegetables, can be put in a jar and then immersed in hot water to warm them up quickly before serving.

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    Michelle,I used six bananas and juice of two lmeons. This recipe makes about three cups of banana chips. Hope you like them =)-Coconut Mama